Super Simple Software

Here at Ortera we pride ourselves on producing elegant and intuitive software solutions that work, with emphasis on usability that makes our products second-nature. We expend massive amounts of time and effort behind the scenes to make our software so easy to use you don’t need manuals or training courses – our software is so super-simple that it just works!

Whilst our products may have been built by geeks, you don’t have to be one to get all the benefits available from Ortera tools. All our tools are visual, human friendly and intuitive, making them quick and efficient in use. Join the Super Simple revolution!



Crono® is a super simple and super functional time tracking and invoice system. FREE Trial available Today!



Tutorially™ is a complete business management solution for teachers and tutors, as well as a directory.



Snaggly is an awesome visual task tracking application that gives you and your teams a simple way to record snags and track their completion. Enter the Snaggly.

Spotlight on: Crono

Ortera proudly present Crono® – Super Simple Timesheets. Your fuss-free route to time tracking without the hassle. Created as a result of our own need for a robust, highly available and intuitive time recording system – Crono offers all the features you’d expect at a very competitive price.


Built For Speed

Built for speed, reliability and performance. Get real results with Ortera.

Always FREE!

All our products have free trials. We also have FREE-FOREVER tiers!

Human Friendly!

All our products are optimised for people. Easy and hassle free.