About Ortera

About Ortera

Here at Ortera, we pride ourselves on being straightforward. We produce elegant software to deliver deceptively simple solutions to complex problems. We’re not looking to shift anybody’s paradigm, or to disruptively square the circle from outside the box. We favour clean and crispy design, consistently logical deployment of technology and a human-centric focus. All our software is created by leading technologists – multi-award winning industry leaders in software design, technology deployments and user experience. Improve your workflow with super simple and user friendly tools offered by Ortera.

Our Mission

We’re all about keeping technobabble and the user separate. Our software delivers everything you need and nothing you don’t. Life is hard enough – why use software designed to be difficult? A training course to use a software package efficiently? Not the Ortera way. We’re all about Super Simple!

Our Ethos

Make cool software, and sell it at a fair price to our customers. Look after our team like family, making sure to deliver quality working environments and opportunities for all. Donate 10% of our profits every year to charity, because we’re big on doing unto others.

Spotlight On: Crono

Ortera proudly present Crono® – Super Simple Timesheets. Your fuss-free route to time tracking without the hassle. Created as a result of our own need for a robust, highly available and intuitive time recording system – Crono offers all the features you’d expect at a very competitive price.

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Built For Speed

Built for speed, reliability and performance. Get real results with Ortera.

Flexible and Multipurpose

Our software is designed to work with you, and made for business.

Big Data!

Powerful data analytics and integration frameworks provide maximum value.

UK Support

All our team are UK-based, no exceptions. We have security-cleared personnel.


Always FREE!

All our products have free trials. We also have FREE-FOREVER tiers, bringing our products to everyone.

Monthly or Annual

All our products offer flexible payment schedules, and discounts for annual subscriptions!

Meet Our Founder

The driving force behind Super Simple Software!