Paul Reynolds

Paul Reynolds

Founder & CEO
London, UK
0121 562 1811

It is expected that a super-important guy like me will wear a shiny suit and use big words for fun. Not really my thing. It is also fashionable to speak of oneself in a blurb such as this in the third person. Yeah… I’m not doing that either!

LinkedIn summarises me as ‘An experienced & SC Cleared technology leader with an extensive background across many sectors. Design and Delivery of innovative solutions with a genuine affinity for enterprise computing, and its application to business need. Specialist in complex technology programmes, driving them forward where others have failed.’

That’s probably about fair, but I’m also driven to deliver really (really) high quality solutions. The kind of quality level that frankly isn’t in the interests of most management consultancy businesses – because it takes longer, which can leave an unpalatable choice… to raise prices (perhaps losing the business) or cut profits (perhaps losing your shirt). I have long adopted an ‘enough is enough’ philosophy in building a sustainable business. Ortera’s startup capital was invested directed by me, the spoils of my other company (Black Chili), and we always work within our means. We are at times to be found working harder, longer, and/or smarter… often all three, and we are powered by passion. And coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

We have a passion for quality tech at fair prices. You may notice if you shop around for a comparable product that most are offering a ‘sale’ price that is roughly triple ours… but we’re here to be fair. We ask a competitive price for our product, and trust that our respect for potential customers will be rewarded with a long-term relationship that is more valuable for everyone. We’ve got a very very high customer retention rate, simply because once people find us… they don’t need to go anywhere else. I charge you a sensible amount of money for software, and you’re happy to pay because the product is giving you exactly what you need at a competitive price. We’re responsive to requests for support or additional features, and we’re all in the UK… as are our systems.

I personally dream, drive, oversee, contribute, harass, manage, test, demo, sell, design, engineer and evolve all Ortera products… so, good or bad… it was me! You can contact me using the details at the foot of this page, as well as on our contacts page.


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