Crono Launch

Crono Launch

Product launch: Crono’s cutting-edge software cuts down admin time for businesses

Launched in September 2017, Crono is a Software as a Service (SaaS) product that aims to revolutionise business operations by streamlining administration processes.

Hosted in the cloud, Crono is an easy-to-operate User Interface that automates monotonous tasks such as logging timesheets, generating invoices and allocating team schedules – all managed from one seamless platform.

What makes Crono stand out is its usability. Other time-tracking software can be over-engineered, clunky, fiddly or difficult to navigate. Crono’s beautifully designed UI features clear, easy-to-understand visuals – making it a breeze for just about anyone.

Crono Launch

Helping businesses streamline project management

Compatible with PC, Mac and mobile devices, Crono’s customisable dashboard gives the user an overview of all projects, with the ability to click through for detailed information.

Managers can assign team members to projects at the click of a button, set tasks and track their time – drastically reducing the hassle involved in organisation and timesheets. Timesheets can be accepted or rejected from within Crono, sending notifications to employees when amendments need to be made.

Crono creates invoices by automatically calculating costs based on timesheets and the hourly rate set. Professional-looking invoices can be emailed to clients or downloaded as a PDF – with outstanding payments monitored from within the app.

Getting on board with Crono’s free starter package


Crono can save businesses valuable time and money – cutting hours from employee schedules so they can get on with the work that matters while the software handles the tedious jobs.

The lowest tier package offers management of up to two projects with access for two users – completely free. This is great news for small businesses managing one or two projects at a time. And thanks to cloud hosting, the potential for bigger businesses with multiple projects is unlimited.

Designed and built in the UK, Crono’s support and development teams are all UK based, putting customer service high on the agenda.

Crono Launch


The innovative tech behind Crono’s simple UI

Crono has been built using Vue, a progressive JavaScript coding language that’s particularly well suited to building simple and attractive UIs.

Lead developer Connor explains: “Building the software using a newer, more niche framework has allowed us to create a product that’s far less over-engineered and ultimately more user-friendly.”

Another clever bit of behind-the-scenes tech is the way in which Crono uses logic to automatically generate invoices based on the information input into timesheets.

Crono is AWS hosted, a cloud hosting solution that provides a fast, reliable and low cost alternative to server hosting. All data hosted on Crono’s cloud platform is encrypted at rest and secured using the SHA-2 SSL protocol – meaning peace of mind for businesses too.

About Crono’s development team

Crono is the latest SaaS product launched by Ortera. Partnered with KIJO, a team of cutting edge web developers, expert marketers and passionately creative designers – with functional, intelligent and stunning design at the heart of everything they do.

Ortera and KIJO designers and coders have a wealth of experience in web and app development, and Crono is a product of their vision to bring project management software in line with modern business.

KIJO have employed their signature clean design in the creation of Crono, sticking to their mission of making the internet beautiful.

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