Introducing Tutorially™!

Introducing Tutorially™!

Become a more efficient tutor with Tutorially™ !

Have you ever been frustrated by the administration tasks that come with running a tuition business? Wouldn’t it be great to unburden yourself from all the time-consuming tasks and focus on being a tutor? Running a small business can be quite a challenge, and it might not be unusual to find yourself working long in to the evenings and on weekends to cover everything you need to do. Tutorially™ can help – a totally cloud based software service accessible from any device, that can take care of the business side for you, giving you more time for your students as well as more time for yourself. Tutorially™ can handle your student enrolment, lesson schedule, reminders, billing and reporting as well as tracking progress accurately and even keeping parents in the loop where necessary. Synchronisation with popular calendar applications means you’ll always know where you are and where you need to be.

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Tutorially™ will give you a professional-looking Internet presence by listing you as a tutor on You can publish your details as well as your calendar, allowing students to book or reschedule lessons, and nothing happens until the tutor accepts the request – you’re always in control. Professional invoices and payment reminders can be sent automatically, and you can accept credit card payments online! Spending less time on running your business means you’ll have more time to teach, and an increased income! Lesson cancellations are the bane of a tutor’s professional existence, and Tutorially™ can reduce them. Our customers tell us the software pays for itself with as little as one cancellation saved by automatic reminder per quarter!

You and your students can access the system from any computer, tablet or smartphone. All updates are instant, and the system being in the cloud means it is always available, wherever you are. Best of all, Tutorially™ provides the technology for you to deliver video lessons direct from the system, extending your reach beyond your geographical location. Suddenly your business has gone global and your customer-base has grown exponentially! Tutorially™ was conceived and developed by a professional musician and technologist, who experienced the frustrations of running a tuition business first-hand, and used his ‘day job’ skills to resolve them. Tutorially™ is available for-free for-ever on the starter package, with great features across the various packages to suit everyone.

Every tier of Tutorially™ includes the lesson booking system with full Google integration, a proprietary messaging service and a payment manager to keep your business on track – accountants love it! You’ll keep your students and their parents up to date with a comprehensive system for tasks and notes – allowing you to set assignments for students that they complete and upload for grading. The system will pay for itself with the revolutionary automated reminder system reducing no-notice missed lesson no-shows, and that same system can be used to remind students of outstanding payments. Tutorially™ can take electronic payments should you wish, and everything is tracked right in the dashboard!  

The paid tiers of Tutorially™ give scope for more students, as well as a video lesson system that enables tutors and students to enjoy face-to-face lesson from different countries and continents – increasing reach and potential income for tutors, and providing the student with access to quality tuition from providers worldwide! Sign up with Tutorially™ today and take your tuition business to the next level!

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