NTA 2019

NTA 2019

The 2019 National Technology Awards


Ortera were delighted to hear they had received a nomination for the National Technology Awards Tech Team of the Year! With thanks to one of our Public Sector customers for their kind words!

“The team at Ortera are world class” was one of our favourite pieces of feedback this year – we had a customer so fed up of IT that they were ready to throw in the towel on a project which had consumed countless man hours and an inordinate amount of money.  They called us up six weeks before their ‘go live’ and asked if we could go and visit them and offer any help.

We visited their office and walked through what they were trying to achieve.  By the end of one session, we had a get well plan which saw us through to the completion of the project on time – Ortera only deploy the skills needed, in a unique skills as a service offering, and ensure that no company pays for people or resources that are not required.  Because of our unique way of working we can deploy a team anywhere, on any size of project, in any amount of strife, and our customers know that we will exceed in every way.

“The Ortera team understood our business need within the very first session – what they achieve in the free assessment session is phenomenal! They went on to recommend and implement a solution which we hadn’t even considered, and it has totally transformed our business for the better” this was from a customer who had a classic ‘stop-start’ project to transform some of their major business processes.  They had struggled to identify the right products to suit them, and were paying extortionate license fees for a product they were barely using.  We worked with them from Business Analysis through to product selection, deployment and business adoption.

The Ortera team strives to work differently to any other IT or consulting organisation.  We offer a free assessment session, then provide options to ‘resolve’ which can be taken up by our customers at their leisure.  We offer our clients the option of as much or as little support as they need, and never deploy a full project team at extortionate day rates! We are on tap to them for a fixed price whenever they need us, whether it’s for a project red team or a half hour support call.  Our customers just keep coming back, because they can trust us to deliver on time, and right first time.


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