Ortera Talk

Ortera Talk

Ortera Talk for Amazon Echo !

So, February’s fun distraction has been the creation of our first Alexa skill for Amazon Echo, which you can view and enable here. A little bit of Javascript, some Lambda and a massive amount of to and fro with the good people of Amazon has resulted in a foothold in the marketplace, a five-star review, a good learning experience and the creative use of familiar technologies.

We wanted to get the word out about our super simple solutions to complex problems. Ortera Talk provides an insight into the thought processes of a bunch of stunt-developers who design, code and market some of the most interesting and innovative software on the planet. Be informed and inspired by simply saying: “Alexa, ask Ortera to talk tech”, or; “Alexa, ask Ortera for a thought for the day.” You’ll hear some of the influences on our company ethos, as well as interesting technology facts and insights on the UK software development world.

One of the biggest achievements associated with this effort has been getting a one-word invocation for the skill, which Amazon do not typically allow. We secured this by demonstrating our contribution to the technology community, as well as our respect for intellectual property. Check out our first 5-star review!

If you’re interested in developing your own Alexa skill to broaden brand awareness, or just for a bit of fun… get in touch. We’re happy to help, as well as offering all the code to you for using as you see fit!

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