Time Tracking For Recruitment

Time Tracking For Recruitment

Time Tracking for Recruitment – Crono®

If you run an agency, you don’t need us to tell you that time tracking for recruitment is the key to a profitable business. Your staff need to book their time accurately and in a timely fashion so you can invoice your customers or clients, and whether you’re still fighting with mountains of Excel spreadsheets or working with one of the many unnecessarily complex time recording systems out there, super simple timesheets from Crono® can help!

Time tracking for Recruitment


Set up time tracking for recruitment with Crono®

Simply send invitation emails to all your staff, specify their hourly pay rate and assign them to a client and project. Staff complete timesheets in seconds, and you get an email notifying you of an outstanding authorisation which again, only takes a couple of clicks to complete. Once a timesheet is authorised your staff member gets an email telling them everything is good, and if you need to reject a timesheet pending a correction they’ll get an email explaining that as well. Once all the authorisations are in the booked hours are fed into the Crono® Invoice Generator system ready for billing. How’s that for a simplified workflow!

Staff can complete their timesheets in moments with just a few clicks, and with Crono® being cloud driven and fully mobile-compatible it doesn’t matter what device they’re using – PC or Mac, Tablet or Smartphone… Crono’s got you covered. Data is encrypted in transit as well as at rest, and all Crono staff are in the UK, so you can be assured of the security and integrity of the system. No matter where you are, time tracking is at your fingertips. No more stress on timesheet submission deadlines – send a reminder knowing our super simple timesheets take seconds to complete!

What about getting paid? Crono’s Invoice Generator does all the work for you, so you can easily generate an invoice for a customer for specific projects and tasks, and Crono® will work its magic! All approved hours not yet billed will be pulled effortlessly into a polished invoice, customised with your company brand. Simply save to PDF, or email to your client direct from Crono! Once an invoice is paid, simply check it off in Crono®. No more wading through paperwork and totalling staff time submissions whilst cross-referencing hourly rates – Crono® can assure total accuracy in billing, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction whilst reducing your admin overhead. Everybody wins!

Time Tracking for Recruitment

And the advantages just keep on coming – the time saved by an intuitive, simplified and highly-available time tracking solution can drive wider efficiencies. Think about what you could do with all the time you no longer have to spend managing staff time submissions. Then add on the time you’re spending generating and sending invoices as well as responding to queries. Well, no more!

Crono® offers a powerful reporting suite, customisable to deliver exactly the reports you want to see. Simply choose from the easy to navigate drop-down fields to select the data, and hit the button! Exactly the data you need, on demand. Report by any combination of client, project, task, staff member and date range and answer any question anyone could possibly have – super simply! Use the data to analyse trends and establish baselines, identify which staff members are delivering the best results for your organisation as well as which clients, projects and tasks are the most profitable – this week, this month or since the dawn of time! The availability of high-quality data formatted in an easy to consume format will give you the business intelligence you need, as well as giving your customers total confidence in you.

Super Simple – Super Value!

Best of all, Crono® offers unparalleled value for money! At substantially less than half the monthly cost of our competitors, we’re offering incredibly powerful tools to deliver businesses like yours a competitive edge. Crono’s sophisticated workflow is easy for everyone to use, providing the same results as comparable products at significantly higher price-points, with the super simplicity that is at the core of Crono®. Our recruitment customers tell us that Crono® pays for itself easily with time saved in time recording alone – a handful of minutes per month are all it takes! We’ve had customers tell us that Crono® has paid for itself for a year within the first week! From there it starts making you money with smart invoicing, reductions in customer queries that result from having quality data at your disposal, a reduction in administration associated with staff payment queries and so much more. The staff member you currently have assigned to timesheet collation, management, calculation and invoice creation could be redeployed into a client-billable role! Time tracking for recruitment is easy-peasy with Crono®.

Time Tracking for Recruitment

By now hopefully, you can see what our ever-increasing group of satisfied customers already know – that time tracking for recruitment is essential, and a quality solution can revolutionise your business. Spend less time on the administrative tasks that everyone would rather not have to deal with, and let Crono® take care of it. Your staff can submit their timesheets quickly and easily from anywhere, in a matter of seconds. You can respond to their submissions with nothing more than a couple of clicks, and invoices can be generated ready for customers accurately and effortlessly. Once you’ve embraced Crono®, you’ll wonder what you ever did without it! A polished, intuitive and feature-rich product hosted and operated from the UK, with support staff who are all UK based… if slightly bored, since the super simple nature of our products means not many people need to speak with them! Once you’re a Crono® customer, if you do spot a feature you think we’re missing or something that would really help your organisation, simply contact us and we’ll consider it for inclusion in our fully transparent roadmap!

Go Crono!

We’ve worked hard to make Crono® fast, reliable and super simple, and we’re really proud of it. Our team were shortlisted for the 2017 National Technology Awards Tech Team of the Year, as well as being crowned the 2017 SaaS Development Group of the Year. We’re so confident of our product that you’ll have seen we offer it for free so it can speak for itself, always putting customers first and delivering the Crono® way – with super simplicity. We look forward to welcoming you aboard.


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